A report on the jane elliot experiment and the reactions of the students

Ex-principal Steve Harnack commented that she was excellent at teaching academics and suggested she would have had fewer problems with the community if she had involved parents. At recess, two of her students got in a fight.

When she went downtown to do errands, she heard whispers. She was a local girl and the other teachers were intimidated by her success.

Students will understand the prerequisite conditions for meritocracy and assess whether or not those conditions exist or have ever existed in the U. Another, Sandra, tells Elliott: For a "no," subtract 1 point.

In the end, of course, it was admitted that it was just a way to be mean. Setka believed that the reason Eliott's exercise got so much backlash was because the students were very young and that the exercise should have been done on at least junior high school aged students. That's what it feels like when you're discriminated against.

So Elliott decided to teach her class a daring lesson in the meaning of discrimination. Their year-old daughter, Mary, came home from school one day in tears, sobbing that her sixth-grade classmates had surrounded her in the school hallway and taunted her by saying her mother would soon be sleeping with black men.

Jane would get invited to go to Timbuktu to give a speech. How did she selectively interpret behavior to confirm the stereotypes she had assigned?

Lesson of a Lifetime

In contrast, the brown-eyed children had to wear collars around their necks and their behavior and performance were criticized and ridiculed by Elliott. It brings up immediate anger and hatred. Jane would get invited to go to Timbuktu to give a speech. However, the increasing demands to be away from the classroom eventually caused problems with her public school teaching career.

She has spoken at more than colleges and universities. Elliott reminded them that the reason for the lesson was the King assassination, and she asked them to write down what they had learned. You've still got that same sweet smile.

Lesson of a Lifetime

I decided at that point that it was time to try the eye color thing, which I had thought about many, many times but had never used. Would you like to find out?

In Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Experiment...?

The children agreed with a chorus of "yeah"s. Examples might include things like "blacklisted," "black market," or "white lie. This lesson is most appropriate for advanced-level students.


Not a day goes by without me thinking about it, Ms. Elliott provided brown fabric collars and asked the blue-eyed students to wrap them around the necks of their brown-eyed peers as a method to easily identify the minority group.

Jane Elliot experiment

You might think this would only work on children, but in fact, Elliot, and others, have run similar experiments on adults, with very similar results, though noting that adults tend to, surprisingly, be much more violent about such racism than children. On Monday, Elliott reversed the exercise, and the brown-eyed kids were told how shifty, dumb and lazy theywere.

After the exercise, Elliott said that the result "wasn't as successful as I am accustomed to being," [12] leaving journalist Andrew Anthony with the "nagging suspicion that she's more excited by white fear than she is by black success.

For this corporate exercise, Elliott divides a multiracial group based on the color of their eyes and then subjects the blue-eyed individuals to a withering regime of humiliation and contempt. She would conduct the exercise for the nine more years she taught the third grade, and the next eight years she taught seventh and eighth graders before giving up teaching in Riceville, inlargely to conduct the eye-color exercise for groups outside the school.

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Flexible, but at least one full class period is recommended. In regards to Jane Elliot's eye color study, explain the experimental procedures and the behavior of the children. Inthe day after MLK was assassinated, she divided her class into favored and disfavored groups based solely on their eye color.

Jane Elliott (née Jennison; born May 27, ) is an American former third-grade schoolteacher, anti-racism activist, and educator, as well as a feminist. She is. Reaction To Jane Elliot's Blue-eyed, Brown-eyed Experiment Reaction To Jane Elliot’s Blue-eyed, Brown-eyed Experiment Essay Sample The whole doc is available only for registered users OPEN DOC.

On the morning of april 5,a Friday, Steven Armstrong stepped into Jane Elliott's third-grade classroom in Riceville, Iowa. "Hey, Mrs. Elliott," Steven yelled as he slung his books on his. Jan 02,  · I was going to have to go into my classroom and explain to my students why the adults in this country had allowed somebody to kill hope.

Jane Elliott Jane Elliot Experiment Jane Elliott.

A report on the jane elliot experiment and the reactions of the students
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