An analysis of a book on the watergate scandal

At the same time, some of the conspirators began to crack under the pressure of the cover-up. He removed the tape, thinking nothing of it. They were convicted of very serious offenses and sent to federal prison.

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But the battle over the tapes continued and went all the way to the US Supreme Court where, with the exception of the recused Justice William Rehnquist whom Nixon had appointedthere was a unanimous ruling that they should be released.

On that same day, U. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Colson, Charles; Haldeman, H. The banks that had originated the checks were keen to ensure the depository institution used by Barker had acted properly in ensuring the checks had been received and endorsed by the check's payee, before its acceptance for deposit in Bernard Barker's account.

At the time of the break-in, Liddy had been overseeing a similar, though uncompleted, attempt to break into and surveil the headquarters of George S. Relying heavily upon anonymous sourcesPost reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncovered information suggesting that knowledge of the break-in, and attempts to cover it up, led deeply into the upper reaches of the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and the White House.

Liddy, in turn, gave the money to Barker, and attempted to hide its origin. They were later both indicted, convicted, and ultimately sentenced to prison. Nixon refused to provide them on the grounds of executive privilege and national security. When he returned a short time later and discovered that someone had retaped the locks, he called the police.

Dean mentioned this observation while testifying to the Senate Committee on Watergate, exposing the thread of what were taped conversations that would unravel the fabric of the conspiracy.

Watergate Scandal

Scholars continue to mine the tapes for insights, including the discovery that Nixon ordered the firebombing of the Washington, D. The five burglars who broke into the office were tried by a jury, with Judge John Sirica officiating, and pled guilty or were convicted on January 30, Nixon furthermore said, "I can say categorically that No financial institution could accept or process a check on behalf of the committee unless a duly authorized individual endorsed it.

On April 13, Magruder told U. Nixon created a new conspiracy—to effect a cover-up of the cover-up—which began in late March and became fully formed in May and Juneoperating until his presidency ended on August 9, It was an abuse of presidential power and a deliberate obstruction of justice.So what is Watergate?

Watergate scandal summary. It originated with a burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. Five men. Geoff Shepard: An Alternative View of Watergate The Great Cover-Up This excellent book by Barry Sussman, a former editor at The Washington Post throughout Watergate, is essential reading.

The Watergate scandal consisted of the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters by people indirectly working for President Richard Nixon, and the subsequent cover-up of the administration's involvement by Nixon and members of his staff.

The Watergate scandal is widely considered to be the biggest in political history anywhere in the world but trying to explain it is not easy. There are many names, many dates and many events. Jun 16,  · Find out more about the history of Watergate Scandal, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more.

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An analysis of a book on the watergate scandal
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