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Johnny is wanted for murder, and Dallas has a record with the fuzz a mile long. Shamed Ones were forbidden from attending religious ceremonies. He had no hair, and his nose Book report for the outsiders practically missing. She started writing the book when she was fifteen years old and had it published when she was eighteen.

Yuuzhan Vong

He was an athlete in school but had to quit so he could work two jobs and support his family. However, by the end of The Outsiders, the clear lesson is that storytelling is a process and that Ponyboy is actively overcoming the challenges of identity that being in the gang had created for him.

TV series A television series based on the characters of the novel and film aired in Many of the same locations were used in both films, as were many of the same cast and crew members. Not so different While the novel is about the rival of two gangs, it also shows that they are not as different from one another as once they thought.

The Outsiders examines how two different groups compete, and unite for survival, which is often justified with violence. It was published induring her freshmen year in college.

These issues make the story interesting, and Hinton does a very good job at not preaching at the reader. He decides that Bob probably had a hot temper, was a bit cocky and frightened, like all of them.

Pony and Johnny go to a vacant lot to hang out before heading home. Not only was the book challenged for violence and offensive language, it was also challenged for the fact that most of the main characters came from broken homes.

Another saying included "A fleet that fights two battles loses twice. Things get much worse, however, when he and his friend Johnny go to a park late at night. Coppola re-inserted some deleted scenes to make the film more faithful to the book. She has also testified that Bob was drunk the night of his death and that she was sure that the killing had been in self-defense.

This resulted in civil war in the past, and it was believed that the Invasion would allow the Yuuzhan Vong an external enemy to fight, but after some time the same divisions began to appear once more.

Ponyboy is hurt when the large rumble that was brewing happened. He is a member of the Greasers, which is a gang that puts grease in their hair and wears it long. The boys almost fight, but the girls calm them by agreeing to leave. Now a museum featuring props from the movie The film was shot on location in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With child-care centers in most large high schools, the social stigma attached to teen motherhood no longer exists as it did in the ls.

The doctor tells Ponyboy that Dally is fine, but Johnny will be permanently crippled if he survives.

Book Report: The Outsiders

For example, Yuuzhan Vong typically lacked kidneys. The events of the novel are told through the eyes of Ponyboy Curtis, a year-old member of the Greasers, the gang of boys, considered to be criminals and belonging to a lower socio-economic class than their rivals, the Socs, or Socials.

Darrel Curtis — he is twenty years old and shouldered with the responsibility of raising his younger brothers. The Complete Novel was released in Region 1 on June 3, Production[ edit ] Francis Ford Coppola had not intended to make a film about teen angst until Jo Ellen Misakian, a school librarian from Lone Star Elementary School in Fresno, Californiawrote to him on behalf of her seventh and eighth grade students about adapting The Outsiders.

Even under interrogations, the word of a Yuuzhan Vong was high, and, if they promised respite to their victims for revealing information, they typically kept their word. Their beliefs stated that this had happened three times in their religion, with a new species created, eventually leading to the gods creating the Yuuzhan Vong.

Ponyboy is surprised because no one ever told him that. This often meant that the Yuuzhan Vong engaged in suicide attacks or ritual suicides when facing defeat in order to attain glory, which was a source of pride of the warrior caste.

Book Report on the Outsiders

He flees the police and calls the gang from a telephone booth, asking them to pick him up in the vacant lot and take him to a hiding place. Writing through the perspective of the Greasers and making them sympathetic was unique.This is a sample book report from Ultius on the novel The Outsiders, which tells the story of two youth gangs with a serious is also a novel that represents the coming of age of a young boy who struggles against being labelled low class or undesirable because of his upbringing.4/5(3).

It was 35 years ago, in Marchthat "The Outsiders" opened in movie theaters nationwide, taking Tulsa author S.E. Hinton's creation from classic novel to a film beloved by young people.

The Yuuzhan Vong—"Children of Yun-Yuuzhan", also called the Chosen Race, known to the Chiss and Ferroans as the Far Outsiders, and sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Vong (which implied that one was disowned by their family and their gods)—were a sentient species that nearly destroyed the New.

Yuuzhan Vong

The Yuuzhan Vong—"Children of Yun-Yuuzhan", also called the Chosen Race, known to the Chiss and Ferroans as the Far Outsiders, and sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Vong (which implied that one was disowned by their family and their gods)—were a sentient species that nearly destroyed the New.

The Outsiders was written by a teenager about is told in a first-person narration style, with the narrator being a year-old boy. This story deals with issues that are very close to the hearts of teens, whether in.

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Book report for the outsiders
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