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At his pleading, she agrees to keep Old Yeller penned in the corn crib for a few weeks to chart his progress, hoping he will remain unaffected. So, he calls to Yeller to come help.

Old Yeller

Yeller however is around when this happens and stops it from happening and ends up killing the boar and saving Travis. Travis runs out with his rifle and when he has a clear shot, he shoots the wolf dead. Travis is furious with the dog, throwing rocks and threatening to shoot it if it comes around again.

Watching events unfold from a distance, Travis knows he cannot get to Arliss before the angry mother bear. The next morning, the dog is lying outside the front door, and when Travis goes for a stick to use in chasing the dog off, Arliss Book report over old yeller upset and is ready to fight his older brother in order to protect the dog.

Old Yeller

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Travis has no choice but to obey, but he begins to plot how he will get rid of the troublemaking dog. When the cub comes closer, Arliss jumps on it and tries to catch it.

He explains that along with the bad in life, there's also good, and the good can be found if a person just looks for it. The confrontation becomes more violent than anticipated, however, when the wildly careening bulls smash into the fence and crash into the walls of the house.

He is at first angry but then takes Arliss on his knee and agrees to trade Old Yeller for one horned toad and a home-cooked meal, which Katie supplies with pleasure.

However, the meat is untouched and the yellow dog is lying quietly nearby. For example in one tale Travis is trying to catch a wild boar for food but ends up getting attacked himself. Elizabeth, who is about Travis age, confides in Travis that she has seen Yeller stealing eggs and cornbread from members of the community.

Even though the book has a sad ending it is still a very good read for someone who wants to hear a good adventure book. Elizabeth is very hurt and deposits the puppy in Arliss' lap as she rushes out, crying. The name has a double meaning: Before the bear could Old Yeller run and starts to chase after the mother bear.

He and Old Yeller set off to find her but when he discovers the newborn calf and tries to carry it, she charges him, prompting Old Yeller to knock her over until she calms down. The main character in this story Travis, a fourteen year old boy who is left to take care of his mother and his little brother Arliss.

The morning after Papa leaves, Old Yeller arrives at the farm. Though Travis initially hates the dog and at first and tries to get rid of it, Old Yeller eventually proves his worth, saving the family on several occasions.

Travis hides him in a cave and limps home, where Katie dresses his wound and at first refuses to let him return to Old Yeller. But things get tough just as Travis befriends this canine. Although the money is over six hundred miles away from the Texas hill countryside, the settlers know it will be a journey they must make to survive the merciless nature of the valley.

Travis grows to love the dog named Old Yeller and they become great friends.

Old Yeller

They work out a system where Little Arliss scares the squirrels off the ground, Old Yeller trees the squirrels, and Travis shoots them. Old Yeller begins to help the family in all.

Old Yeller Worksheets and Literature Unit

After a series of scrapes involving raccoons, snakes, bears and all manner of animals, Travis grows to love and respect Old Yeller, who comes to have a profound effect on the boy's life.

Red is still very upset, having been tied to a fence without her calf nearby. When healthy cattle and corn is bountiful the settlers of Salt Licks find that they lack one thing. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Old Yeller study guide and get instant access to the following: Katie hopes it is a mere fever, but Travis recognizes the symptoms as those of rabies, and shoots her, after which Katie and Lisbeth burn the carcass.

Coates fully understands the situation, however, and counsels his son. He has to take care of the ranch while his dad is gone on a cattle drive in Argentina. Upon leaving, he informs Travis that a plague of hydrophobia, or rabies, is affecting local animals, with telltale signs that include staggering, viciousness, and unprovoked attacks.

Old Yeller is bitten while saving his family from a rabid wolf.

Old Yeller by Fred Gipson - review

The authors purpose in this book is to entertain. He advises him not to delay in quickly dispatching any unusually aggressive animals he may come across.Dec 25,  · First released on Christmas Day,this is Old Yeller's 50th movie anniversary (the book was first published in ).

Old Yeller was played in the film by a. Old Yeller is possibly the saddest, yet greatest classic of all time. This tale is perfect for ages ten and up, but out of bounds for the light hearted.

Many tears are shed throughout the book as. Old Yeller By Fred Gipson Doubleday Book-of-the-Month Club selection and sold overcopies in its first year of publication and later made into a film in His additional works included main protagonists of Old Yeller is a very likeable fourteen-year-old boy, Travis.


Old Yeller by Fred Gipson - review

Mar 06,  · However Old Yeller had puppies with one of Travis’s friend’s dogs, and the puppy helps Travis get over Old Yeller’s death. Authors Purpose: The authors purpose in this book is to entertain.

This is mainly because there is no real lesson learned in the book. This book is named Old Yeller and it is by Fred Gipson. This book is based on a year-old boy named Travis and his dog Old Yeller. This book takes place in an old log cabin in Birdsong Creek, with Travis explaining his story from the beginning.

Old Yeller Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report This book is named Old Yeller and it is by Fred Gipson. This book is based on a year-old boy named Travis and his dog Old Yeller. This book takes place in an old log cabin in Birdsong Creek, with Travis explaining his story from the was a lonely boy from Kansas who one day.

Book report over old yeller
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