English sucks

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I'm not trying to preach about philosophical matters nor am I an angry Asian venting hatred towards the rest of the world. If you like reading about the new cellphone start reading a cell phone blog in English.

The Aides pushed me so hard that I got forth place in the high jump. To English sucks things worse, English has a number of different accents. Who needs school anyway, all you do is shuffle back and forth between endless classes and if you take the wrong way to your next period, you get face-to-face with a bully.

Spitball fights, In-school mob wars, bullies that choke you out for your lunch money and fights over someone looking at someone else's girlfriend. Then I went to another school where they do field trips every day. They often say English is a hard language because they always mess up their tenses.

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You talk in past tense when it should be present tense, and you talk in future tense when it should be past tense. While my original list stayed at zero, the number of reasons why I hate English class kept growing in my mind - hence the new subject for my blog.

School is there to turn you into a little less of a dipshit.

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Definition of 'suck'

Don't get me wrong. There are many language exchange sites right now where you can find language exchange partners with other native speakers. Because they lived with their boyfriend or girlfriend for so long and only spoke English their English sounded like those of native speakers.

Then you got those gay ass bitches as teachers who want to smash yoour face in and embarrass you for something that was their own fault. It may want to finish an incomplete task or promise, or take revenge, it may return because of in improper burial or an unusually violent death or suicide.

My English sucks.

Suicides didn't cut it, but why? You watch English movies and TV shows with subtitles in your own language What is the point of watching English TV shows and movies if you spend most of the time reading the subtitles in your own language.

Actually, that's just a blasphemous way of saying I had a career change. I couldn't do that so I waited and waited. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even think of one.

that sucks

I ran through P. Most people find this one hard to believe. Let us ponder this, and with strength, God, we will overcome this obstacle This is horrible cause it causes to continue thinking in the mind of your native language. With Aides comes the sensory room and special privlages to see the school pycologist.

I hated kindergarten because you couldn't play in playtime and at that time I liked work more than play. FakeHospital English beauty sucks and fucks. I've had it with this shit hole, I need to spread my wings and fly, fly far away from this living hell that the government calls a 5-star school.

Then i enter fifth grade, where it was basically the 'good grade' so I could rest and have fun. Anyway, I've derailed off-topic long enough. Maybe once you're out of school and working at McDonalds because you didn't do anything you'll wish you learned how to add, form a sentence, and be a functional person.

But that wasn't even first grade yet. Despite how fluent I may be in English by national standards, on a personal level, I feel far more secure when I'm speaking and writing in Korean.AP English is simply a front, it is not difficult only time consuming, designed to direct young dumb seniors into a more difficult class lacking composition, all is simply boring, repetitive, mindless grammar.

These plants suck moisture from the soil.

15 Reasons Why I Hate English Class

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Slang. to be inferior, as in quality or execution; be poor: Collins English Dictionary. Define sucks. sucks synonyms, sucks pronunciation, sucks translation, English dictionary definition of sucks. v. sucked, suck·ing, sucks v. tr.

1. a. Sep 10,  · Some very intelligent and helpful people have given you some wonderful answers. Are you literate in your native language?

The sounds of the English language are Status: Open.

English sucks
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