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Stanhope and the Sergeant-Major discuss battle plans.

Journey’s End, R C Sheriff Essay

They converse in the dug-out, chatting about rugby. I only left school at the end of last summer term.

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Stanhope is sure that Raleigh will reveal the truth in his letter — that is why he is determined to censor it. This then jumps into talk of rifle grenades, more application of contrast, slightly shocking the audience. Sherrif wrote the play for political reasons, or even to mock the national authorities e.

As part of the recovery process a soldier needs to recreate a mother or father figure within himself. Osborne and Raleigh do not judge him. Osborne tries to preserve this image for him.

Rugger and cricket seem a long way from here. Hardy provides our first insight into Stanhope as well as providing a contrast with him.

In the raid, seven men die and little information of any worth is extracted from the German prisoner. This aroused her curious side and she promised herself that she would find out more. Raleigh and Stanhope quarrel. Heroism There are many forms of heroism in the play.

Both writers focus on the mental effects of war and how damaging these can be on the emotional behaviour of the men. Stanhope is shocked at the arrival of Raleigh. Choose a play in which there is a significant conflict between two characters. The Colonel states that a German soldier needs to be captured so that intelligence can be extracted from him.

They were frightfully annoyed.

“Journey’s End” written by RC Sheriff Paper

Standhope is paranoid of whether Raleigh has told his sister what Standhope is really like now. His experiences at Vimy Ridge have driven him to drink but there is plenty of evidence that his men are loyal to him even though he is not without his faults.

He cannot face what he sees as a celebration dinner with the other officers. Scene 2[ edit ] Trotter, Stanhope and Hibbert drink and talk about women. About the breadth of a rugger field … I always measure distances like that out here.

Describe the conflict and show how it is important to the development of the characterisation and theme of the play.

Stanhope has a keen sense of duty and feels that he must continue to serve rather than take leave to which he is entitled. Raleigh and Osborne are starting to form a relationship away from Stanhope now.

The importance of this shared background is clear: I wonder what it is they put in the water. And your gas mask. He was out here before I joined up. This turns up the tension dial.

The presence of a personal cook again highlights the class system. Osborne and Raleigh discuss how slowly time passes at the front, and the fact that both of them played rugby before the war and that Osborne was a schoolmaster before he signed up to fight; while Raleigh appears interested, Osborne points out that it is of little use now.

Sheriff is careful to show how warn down the boy is by the war. The men are presented as worthy characters whose lives are sacrificed for no reasonably justifiable cause. For a brief moment they had left the dark, slimy dug-out and were back home in England.

Trotter is equally welcoming. Next night three of our men crawled out to get him.Essay about Use of Language in Journey's End by RC Sheriff - The Use of Language in Journey's End Journey’s End was R.C.

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Sherriff’s only major theatrical production and had had relatively little experience of playwriting before. This free English Literature essay on Essay: 'Journeys End' by RC Sheriff, is perfect for English Literature students to use as an example.

Essay about Stanhope in Journey's End by RC Sheriff

‘Journeys End’ is a play written by RC Sheriff, who was an officer during the First World War. Sheriff had front line experience; his makes the play connect with him as most of the play is based on. PowerPoint for Revision - Journey's End The questions below have all appeared in past SQA exams.

Clicking on the link below will take you to notes for each of the four essays for the play Journey’s End by R.C. Sherriff. (Page numbers are from the Penguin Classics edition.) ESSAY NOTES AND STRATEGIES Remember that you. Journey's End by RC Sheriff Essay - Journey’s End R.C Sheriff wrote Journey’s end in The play was written 10 years after the war had finished to let people’s emotions feelings.

Jan 16,  · Intro Stanhope can be regarded as by the guys to end up being ‘the greatest business commander [they’ve] got.’ Nevertheless under the pressure of the Great Battle, Stanhope offers transformed into a different guy, and provides transformed to taking in alcoholic beverages to consider away the dread and discomfort of Battle.5/5(76).

“Journeys End”, written by the playwright dominicgaudious.netf delivers the horror of war across to the audience by using many different techniques such as tension, emotions and also the horrors of murderous warfare.

The main thing that makes this play work is the spirit of humour.

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