Metathesis hercules

A process for producing a crosslinked molded article by introducing a reactive liquid mixture which mixture comprises metathesis polymerizable monomers and Metathesis hercules metathesis polymerization catalyst system into a mold in which said liquid mixture is metathesis polymerized in bulk to produce the molded article, said process being characterized in that the metathesis polymerizable monomers comprise a Freezing point of each of the monomer mixtures solutions was measured.

However, this requires the inconvenient limited selection of the metathesis polymerization catalyst system. The additives must be ones being substantially unreactive with the highly reactive catalyst or activator component in the solution to avoid troubles as well as not to inhibit polymerization.

After the polymer has cooled it will become a rigid solid. Now I don't mind a metathesis like nucular, but so much as mumble the word excetera for etcetera and I'm liable to start searching around the room for a large mallet. The amounts will be readily determinable by one skilled in the art without undue experimentation following the teachings of this specification.

The molded articles of the invention may preferably contain an antioxidant. That is, the reactive solution containing the activator component may contain larger amount of Norbornene-Ester than the reactive solution containing Metathesis hercules catalyst component or vice versa. The metathesis polymerization reaction, however is an exothermal reaction and proceeds very rapidly.

February 10, Assignee: All the others mentioned above are by-products. What is ultimately required is that when the catalyst Metathesis hercules components are combined, the resulting DCPD to tungsten compound ratio, on a molar basis, will be from about 1, Examples of the elastomers include styrene-butadiene rubber, polybutadiene, butadiene-styrene triblock rubber, polyisoprene, butyl rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymers and the like.

In your page for the demi-god Hercules Herakles in Greek you write: A further object is to provide useful molded articles from said polymers. I've seen the discussion and it's not a very strong case.

There was produced each of cross-linked molded articles, and it was cut into test pieces. The ratio of the monomers may be changed freely provided that the whole ratio of the monomers is kept within the above-mentioned range.

The meaning of "activated halogen atom" is known to those skilled in the art and refers to a halogen atom which is labile.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a process for producing a molded article by introducing a reactive liquid mixture which comprises a metathesis polymerizable monomer and a metathesis polymerization catalyst system into a mold in which said liquid mixture is metathesis polymerized in bulk to produce the molded article, said metathesis polymerizable monomer comprising a It has been found that the properties of polycyclic cycloolefins, in particular poly dicyclopentadienecan be substantially improved by halogenation of the surface.

Thus, the monomer solution containing the tungsten or other metathesis main catalyst compound called "Solution A" is kept stable sufficient for practical use. For a particular catalyst system to be of use with RIM, certain requirements must be met: Using one of the templates at Wikipedia: Among the substances found to provide the desired chemical resistance on the polymer surface were dry chlorine gas, aqueous chlorine, immersion in liquid bromine, aqueous bromine, and fluorine gas.

Thermoset poly DCPD is well suited for a wide variety of applications, particularly as an engineering plastic.

The results are shown in Table II. Japanese Patent Laid Open Sho discloses such molding process wherein multi-part polymerizable solutions containing dicyclopentadiene as the monomer are mixed and polymerized.

However, pre-mix process also often necessitates the more effective moderation of the metathesis polymerization reaction than RIM process. In general, as well known, the metathesis polymerization catalyst system is composed of two components, i.

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The preferred ratio of the alkylaluminum to moderator is from about 1: I recall being on a first date once, palms sweating, anxious to say all the right things, and muttering, "Yeah, but who for can get that?

A multi-part polymerizable composition comprising a mixture of at least one compound of the formula III wherein m is 0 or 1 and R1 and R2 respectively represent the same group as defined in claim 1 with at least one other metathesis polymerizable comonomer; and a metathesis polymerization catalyst system comprising a catalyst and an activator, said catalyst and said activator being not present in the same part.Since then, industrial applications of the olefin metathesis reaction, including ring-opening metathesis polymerization, enjoyed increasing interest, in particular in recent years.

Here I will present an overview of the present situation. Hercules is the Latin name used in Rome for the divinity corresponding to the Greek mythological hero Heracles (or Herakles), the Roman name being a metathesis of the Greek name.


He was son of Jupiter and grandson of Theseus, the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. – Metathesis polymerization processes are unlikely ever to rival the massive polyethylene and polypropylene industries.

However, smaller scale but higher value ROMP products find application in Metton® (Hercules Inc.) > kt/a WCl 6/WOCl 4/Et 2AlCl/ROH/25–°C.

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cross-metathesis of ethylene with cycctadiene (l,5,9-decatriene is the first product of the cross-metathesis but it can also undergo a reaction with ethylene leading to 1,5-hexadiene).

A cross-linked copolymer comprising repeating units derived from a mixture comprising metathesis polymerizable cyclic compounds such as dicyclopentadiene and carboxylic acid esters of which the acid residue and alcohol residue have individually at least one norbornene-moiety, a process for producing the copolymer, a process for producing a molded article from the copolymer and a polymerizable.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF THE OLEFIN METATHESIS REACTION fact, the final discovery of the olefin metathesis reaction as a general recent, has been developped in parallel by Hercules [17, 18] and by Goodrich. Depending on the catalyst, DCPD can be polymerized by.

Metathesis hercules
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