What factors can put client in a more powerful position than the auditor

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Audit Committees and Auditor Independence

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2) (a) The factors in the auditor-client relationship that can put the client in a more powerful position than the auditor: a. liability can be established for general third parties who are not primary beneficiaries if the third party plaintiff can establish that the auditor demonstrated gross negligence.

A factor in the auditor-client relationship that could eventually make the client more powerful than the auditor is client knowledge of the process and procedures of an auditor’s job%(6).

Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class December 8th & 9th, (Online) Certified Forensic Loan Auditors Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class is a comprehensive hour online intensive seminar. What Factors In The Auditor Client Relationship Can Put The Client In A More Powerful Position Than Auditors External Auditor in Corporate Governance The external auditor has long played an important role in the corporate governance function.

There are many different factors in the auditor-client relationship that can put the client in a more powerful position than the auditor. In the case with Phar-Mar the accounting firm was trying to cross sell with Phar-Mar putting them in a more powerful position%(3).

What factors can put client in a more powerful position than the auditor
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